My work focuses on applying, measuring, and expanding our knowledge of perception to drive visualization design. I use this insight to design techniques that support accurate visual comparisons of large, complex data. Please click on a topic below for more information, including project summaries and links to publications. A complete list of publications can be found here.

▾ Comparative Judgments for Aggregate Sequence Encodings

    with Michael Correll, Steven Franconeri, Steve Haroz, & Michael Gleicher

▾ Modeling Color Discriminability for Visualization Applications

    with Maureen Stone, Vidya Setlur, & Michael Gleicher

▾ Perceptually-Motivated Scalable Sequence Overviews

    with Colin Dewey & Michael Gleicher

▾ Exploring Algorithmic Predictions for Molecular Surface Data

    with Alper Sarikaya & Michael Gleicher

▾ Visual Comparison for Information Visualization

   with Rick Walker, Ilir Jusufi, Jonathon Roberts, Chuck Hansen, & Michael Gleicher